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Acknowledged as a prominent and exclusive aesthetic boutique, Expression: Self and Art is a trusted leader in providing gentle, yet highly effective professional treatments and daily skin care products. Our researched and scientifically formulated products have been designed to work in treating such skin conditions such as photo aging, hyper-pigmentation, sensitive skin, and acne.
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Meet Our Artists


We’ve taken extraordinary steps to create an extraordinary experience. When you step into our boutique, you’re entering a place of grace and beauty.


Eleanor Cox

Eleanor Cox specializes in watercolors that feature color and light in the landscape and garden. Her work focuses on Virginia but she has traveled abroad annually for 30 years to paint en plein air in England, Ireland, France, and Italy.


David Paul Elsea

I was very fortunate to have studied in Seattle with Ron Lukas who was an apprentice to the legendary Russian Impressionist Sergei Bongart. Monet once said that “Everything I know is thanks to Boudin…” and I must say the same about Ron, …


Marti Franks

I began painting watercolors about 20 years ago. At first my interest was flowers and still lifes. However, as I began to travel throughout Europe, I became passionately in love with village scenes and cityscapes.


Jane Joyner

I am a Richmond artist and teacher. I have a BFA in painting and printmaking from VCU. The mountains of Highland Co. Virginia are one of my inspirations and paintings based on the views there are a way of celebrating their beauty.


Peggy Larmore

Peggy began painting in 2003. Her interest blossomed into a passion. She paints every day in her private studio. Peggy has painted with The Plein Air Painters of the Southeast, studied with Andrew Petrov in the Provence region of France …


Sally Lawson

I live in Richmond, Virginia where my husband and I raised our three children and now have the pleasure of our five grandchildren being here as well! What a blessing!  I began painting in 1995, although I had always done creative…


Dallas Mosman

Dallas Mosman is a contemporary artist in Richmond VA. She works primarily in richly layered oil on canvas. Her paintings are somewhat abstract, and are apt to contain partially hidden shapes and references.


Elaine Murkin

Elaine has been painting since she was a small child growing up in Derbyshire, England. We actually met at Chesterfield College of Art & Design in Derbyshire where we both studied Fine Art Painting. Since Graduating, Elaine has continued to Paint and to Draw…


Janie Pinney

I grew up in a small North Carolina town. My friends and I often turned to creative outlets for entertainment. My love for art started there where I took painting classes once a week and was exposed to the inviting world of oil paints.


Beverly Perdue

I have been painting watercolors for the past twenty-five years. From the very beginning I enjoyed painting “en plein air” which means on location painting. This had allowed me to paint in many wonderful regions such as; New Mexico, Arizona…


Susan M. Stuller

Susan has been a professional artist and instructor for over 30 years. Her emphasis is on rich color and strong design. She paint’s in a variety of media’s though her passion lies in watercolor.


Lori Wilson

As an artist, I believe the tenants of great artistic expression come from the soul and should be a part of every painting. I try to engage the viewer by entertaining them with a story, a mood, an emotion or a compilation of all three.


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